Specified worker dispatching service in Hiroshima City, Hiroshima / We are the expert of aircraft assembly, quality control, industrial technology, and production management in aircraft manufacturing / Human Resource Japan Holdings Inc.

In recent years , although the manufacturing sector is said to subside in overseas production , in aircraft manufacturing ,
The idea is not true .
Not only in Japan , but while the demand for aircraft is growing even in the world .
To respond to this , so that it can meet the needs to the needs of our customers as well as our company , We are looking for various " human resources " .
Japan of the future , let 's make the future of the world to come together !

You can work in various different positions which require the skills you have.

株式会社 ヒューマン・リソース・ジャパン・ホールディングス

In the rapidly globalizing era, companies are facing various different
challenges in their human resources management. We are committed to providing
our clients with exactly what they need by offering various staffing solutions
from having temporary staff to outsourcing your manufacturing.
Our goal is not just to meet the specific needs each client has, but also to
bring to them the workers who understand and follow their unique corporate cultures.